About ToughAndPink

Being a woman is something I’m incredibly proud of. There is so much complexity, dynamism and depth to women. There is also much beauty, joy and freedom to be had.

I’ve always been passionate about empowering other women and showing them the greatness and beauty that exists within them. So the aim of this blog is to take every girl and woman on this journey of womanhood- that we celebrate the joys of woman, that we discuss some of the challenges we face and to learn as we navigate the 21st century.

Being tough and pink is about embracing the multiple facets we have. You can be strong and soft, powerful and pretty.

It will be light. It will be serious. It will be funny. It will be sad. It will be whatever it needs to be for every reader to gain something after having visited this blog. Let’s talk, disagree, agree, share our views, and figure it out. Let’s go.




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