You’re Worth It?

You’re worth it. Make-up giants preach this message in an aim to sell make-up; I’d like to preach this message because it’s actually true.

The meaning of beauty has been redefined through time. What was considered beautiful in the 14th century is different to what was considered beautiful in the 20th century.

However, what has remained consistent through time is women’s desire to be beautiful. And for too long, we’ve been made to feel that the desire to be beautiful is wrong.

Wanting to be beautiful is not wrong, but placing all of our hope and identity in physical beauty is selling ourselves short. Why? Because what’s considered beautiful changes over time, in different places and for different people.

More importantly, placing all of our hope and identity in only physical beauty means that we’re robbing ourselves of every other part of us that makes us beautiful, other than the physical.

We fail to explore and nurture everything else about us because of an unhealthy obsession with reaching society’s standard of physical attractiveness and beauty.

What if we spent as much time and energy nurturing those aspects, as we do nurturing physical beauty? What if a woman’s beauty was far more than what she looked like physically? What would that look like?

Beauty is fleeting. It comes and it goes. It becomes redefined and it is subjective. Opinions change. Let it not be the most important thing we strive for as women from early adolescence until death.

In learning this lesson and trying to walk this journey, I always tell my 7-year-old sister that “to be beautiful on the outside” is lovely, but “to be beautiful on the inside” is even better, and that’s what matters.

So let’s invest more time and energy into striving for the type of beauty that actually matters… Because you’re worth it.



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