Being Woman

To be a woman is to be complex, extraordinary and ever beautiful. To be a woman is to be tough and sensitive and powerful and soft. To be a woman is to be a queen.

And yet, many women don’t know the power that resides within them. We live our lives apologetically, afraid to intimidate others with our light and our strength, diminishing ourselves.

Being a woman encompasses so many different elements that often womanhood is misconstrued and misunderstood. Womanhood is so much more than shoes and bags, boys and pink. It is more than bitterness and spite, than tight clothes and make-up. It is more than the pain. More than pity.

Being a woman is so much more.

It is being whoever you were created to be, living out your fullest potential. It is self-love. It is knowing your worth and understanding your value. It is loving others freely and giving of your gifts to somehow, in some way, no matter how minor, make this world a better place.

It is to be fierce and daring, sassy and bold, funny and complex.

A wise book says of a phenomenal woman, “She is clothed with strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future.”

My dream is for every woman to know her value, to celebrate it and to share that with others. My dream is for every girl to never be broken by when another eradicates her value.

Not enough women know. Not enough women realise who they are. Wipe the dust off of your crowns, queens.

Wear your strength well.




5 thoughts on “Being Woman

  1. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Women are an embodiment of what God is, love, caring, nurturing,forgiving and strong. It is in these characters that we can eexplain what women are and explain their being. We have been labelled the weakre sex because of these characters. But if you think about it, is loving being weak? Is caring, nurturing and forgiving being weak? Definitelty not. These are the very things that our world needs desperatelty. It is only when we acknowledge that we are incubators of these characters that we shall overcome and conquer and to appreciate the uniqueness in each one of us and support that in every sister we encounter. To make the journey for each individual a successful one. To ignore a sister in plight is but ignoring your ownself, for in each one of us we exist!

  2. Being a woman for me is being a human being, equal to every other human being imbued with equal endless potential to be much much more,equal endless potential to learn,grow,love and contribute to the mystery we have termed life.This opens up the possibility for everyone to transcend the limitations that are hidden within the language we have used to define ourselves others and our universe.

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